Why Auction?

Auctioning is, without a doubt, one of the fastest and most popular methods for sales out there. The efficiency of auctioning isn't the only thing that makes it attractive, either--Its functionality in both strong and weak markets also creates a great appeal.

Some other advantages to auction sales include:

Buyer Satisfaction: A buyer often finds a rare item when at auction, and can usually take their purchase home immediately. Gone are the waiting for shipping, and the price of shipping costs for an item already purchased.
Seller Comfort: The assurance that a given property will be sold on a specific date is invaluable. In particular, individuals selling real estate enjoy auctioning--The security of a sale on a certain day means the end of carrying costs, and being able to set a minimum price for property at an auction always is enjoyed.
Bidder Happiness: An auction is always a great time, even if a bidder doesn't get what they set out to acquire. While eagerly waiting for an item to come up, they consider how high they are willing to bid--Watching the other bidders and speaking with them afterward.

The social activity of an auction brings people together for common purpose and simple enjoyment. Friends and family come together to buy, sell, and laugh together. For centuries, auctions have been a communal event, and they stand to this day as a measuring stick for determining market value on any given item.

As a buyer at an auction, you are in control of your purchase--You decide when to bid, and how high or low to go. As a seller, you have the certainty of getting the minimum amount acceptable for your assets. The power of the market is in your hands.

In dealing with an auctioneer, you also have the security of experience. Auctioneers are educated professionals with a wide range of merchandise knowledge. Many in the field have special certifications for personal property or estate appraisals to provide you with better security for your asset's liquidation.

The atmosphere of an auction is, in a word, entertaining. Dozens of people competing for a single property, the cadence of an auctioneer's chanting, and the energy running through the room all contribute to an exciting and fun experience that the whole family can enjoy.

Honesty is the name of the game with an auction, as well. With organized and straightforward rules, you are ensured a clear, simple interaction. As a member of the National Auctioneers Association, Fred Roenigk and other certified auctioneers are bound by an ethical code to protect you against any unfair auction practices.

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